Seminar Geomaterials

22.06.2021 4:30pm

Prof. Emmanuel Kentzinger: "Thin film heterostructures for spintronics investigated by grazing incidence small angle scattering"; ZOOM event; see announcement.


15.06.2021 4:30pm

Prof. Matteo Alvaro: "Crystalline host-inclusion systems: a natural 'high pressure' experiment"; ZOOM event; see announcement.


01.06.2021 4:30pm

Prof. Christian Schön: "Structure prediction through all dimensions - from clusters and atom chains to crystals"; ZOOM event; see announcement.


18.05.2021 4:30pm

Prof. C. Malla Reddy: "Mechanically flexible organic crystals"; ZOOM event; see announcement.


11.05.2021 4:30pm

Dr. Anna Gagor: "Phase transitions in organic-inorganic perovskites"; ZOOM event; see announcement.


04.05.2021 4:30pm

Prof. Denis Machon: "Pressure-induced amorphization"; ZOOM event; see announcement.


27.04.2021 4:30pm

Andreas Eich: "CrAs at low temperatures and high pressures - behavior of the crystal structure and development of clamp cells for neutron scattering experiments at the MLZ", Zoom event, see announcement.


20.04.2021 4:30pm

Nour Maraytta: "Stucture and dynamics of magnetocaloric materials", Zoom event, see announcement.


13.04.2021 4:30pm

Thorge Künkel: "Druckabhängige Einkristalldiffraktion an Manganarsenid", Zoom event, see  announcement.