Open letter to the ministry of education and research


*** Offener Brief des KFN an das BMBF ***

The Committee for Research with Neutrons (KFN) has written an open letter to the BMBF to explain how important neutron research and access to neutron sources are for current research questions. These include a wide variety of energy materials, vaccines, fuel cells, and more.

To counteract the current and future bottlenecks for German users, we see an urgent need for action:

1) Creation of a travel fund to finance measurement trips to neutron sources, e.g., following the Danish model.
2) Support of the neutron source FRM II for a future stable operation.
3) Ensure adequate funding for ILL in times of additional costs due to high inflation and increasing center security requirements.
4) Implementing novel neutron sources in Germany such as the HBS.

The letter in full on the SNI website.

Prof. Mirijam Zobel, Institute Director of Crystallography, is an elected member of KFN and active in the Public Relations Resort.