Institute of Crystallography

Teaching and research at the Institute is carried out in the field of structural studies using neutron and X-ray radiation under the guidance of Professor Georg Roth.

The research goals include both the development of diffraction and scattering methods  and their implementation to elucidate the structure-property relationship in modern materials.

The institute exists since 1963, get to know more about the development of the institute. Also inform yourself about the question of "What is Crystallography?" in the memorandum from 1991. 



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Get to know our professors, scientific staff and technicians as well as the secretary. 

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The announcement of talks in the seminar “Geomaterials & Crystallography”, Seminar Structural Science and other events

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News & Announcements

Current news about the Institute, exam results, job offers, etc.

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Our library has textbooks and scientific journals as well as theses and dissertations completed at the institute. 

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