Vacancies and theses


At the Institute of Crystallography, we offer:

Please get in contact with us concerning the following offers for theses:

Scientific staff - PhD/Postdoc

Our current job offers are listed in the announcements. Please send your application documents (CV, certificates, motivation letter, etc.) to the contact person mentioned, referring to the research topic of your choice. If no job offers are currently available, we nevertheless appreciate your unsolicited application!

Master, Bachelor and Project theses

Please get in touch with the contact person of your favorite research topic. Feel free to approach the PhD students or staff working on these topics in advance.

Student assistants in research or internship

Throughout the entire year, we offer research work on the various topics at the institute in Aachen or at the outstation in Garching. If you are interested to work during your studies on a research topic at our Institute, please approach the respective contact person or directly a PhD student or scientific staff on the topic. A personal visit to our Institute is also possible, to get a better thematic overview of available projects.

For general questions please contact our secretary.

Student assistants in teaching

You can also support us as student assistant for teaching. For this, please get in contact with Dr. Lars Peters.

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Laura Ritterbach, Stephanie Theunissen, Artem Zaidman, Johanna Wilden, Patricia Fehrentz, Max Kamper, Julia Spanhoff, Nils Ackermann, Tobias Stollenwerk, Marcus Große, Jana Schreiber, Christa Claßen, Noel Ladenthin, Jonas Werner, Anna Kellermann, Hyun-il Park