Contact person for all diffractometers is Dr. Lars Peters.


Diffractometer D8

Diffractometer D8 Copyright: © IfK
Manufacturer Bruker AXS
Type Diffractometer D8 Advance
Technical features CuKα1,2, 9x sample changer for high-throughput, “LynxEye”-semiconductor-strip-detector, 5 - 140° 2θ
Application Powder diffraction

Diffractometer X'Pert Pro

Diffractometer X'Pert Pro Copyright: © IfK
Manufacturer Philips
Type Diffractometer X'Pert Pro (MILIDI)
Technical features CuKα1,2, cryostat (to 10 K) and heating device (to 1070 K), Tmin = 8 K, Tmax = 1073 K, secondary side: X'celerator semiconductor strip detector, 5 - 130° 2θ
Application Powder diffraction, flat samples and capillaries, high (up to 1070 K) and low temperatures (down to 10 K)

Diffractometer IPDS II

Diffractometer IPDS II Copyright: © IfK
Manufacturer STOE

Diffractometer IPDS II

Technical features Two-circle diffractometer, MoKα1,2, dmin = 0,57 Å, Tmin = 90 K, Tmax = 323 K, high pressure, image-plate detector, 2θmax = 77°
Application Single-crystal and powder diffraction