Synthesis of nanoparticles, powders and single crystals


In our laboratories we produce various nanomaterials, powders and single crystals. In the nanoparticle synthesis of metal oxide and metallic nanoparticles, we use and optimize wet chemical syntheses such as sol-gel, precipitation reactions and thermal decomposition. The nanopowders obtained are isolated using magnets and centrifugation and, depending on the solvent, can be processed using a rotary evaporator or freeze-drying. The impregnation method is used to produce supported nanoparticles and calcined with tube furnaces at a higher temperature.

We also represent poly- and monocrystalline solid phases hydrothermally, via (high-temperature) solution growth, solid phase reactions, from gels and via chemical transport in different autoclaves and ovens and under vacuum or in different atmospheres.

Single-crystal preparation Thermostats and warming cupboards