Multiparametric studies of chalcogenide phase change materials and mixed valent vanadium oxides


We investigate the relationship between crystal structure, electronic configuration and lattice dynamical properties using experimental techniques at synchrotron and neutron sources, as well as laboratory x-ray diffraction at extreme conditions.

Our investigations are focused on phase change materials (e.g. GeTexSe1-x, Sb2Te3-xSex) where we are particularly interested in crystal structures, bonding properties and lattice dynamics as a function of chemical composition and pressure.

The investigations are expanded towards the study of Mott systems (VxOy), which can be considered as a bridge between phase change and valence change materials. Here we aim at the characterizaiton of the pressure temperature phase diagrams, as well as the control of volume expansion through multiparametric studies and at the identification of oxygen diffusion pathways in mixed valence vanadium oxides.

The project is embedded in the SFB 917 (project A5) and realized in close cooperation with the group of Prof. R. Dronskowski at the Institute for Inorganic Chemistry where complementary theoretical calculations are carried out.


Prof. Dr. Karen Friese
Dr. Andrzej Grzechnik


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This project is funded as part of the SFB 917 "Nanoswitches" (project A5) of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.

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